As ME is an invisible illness, sufferers often feel isolated from their former lives and can find it hard to re-connect when it seems as if society does not understand or see what they are going through.

Sharing your worries, concerns and finding common ground and understanding through meeting people whether virtually or in person or through receiving our quarterly newsletter can really help improve quality of life for ME sufferers.

“I joined the group in 2009 and was immediately struck by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. It was great to be able to meet people who had the same condition as me, as before I didn’t know anyone hand it was really beneficial to create for myself a new social support network that was local. I was able to increase my participation in the group as I wanted to give back my time and energy to a group that has helped me so much on a personal and social level.”  – Group member


Membership is open to people who have ME and usually costs just £5 a year. However, in 2021, membership is free. Members receive discounts on activities we provide, our quarterly newsletter and invites to attend talks that are hosted by KCIMESG. To become a member or renew your membership, complete the form below, or join using one of the other ways. When you click submit, your form will be submitted, and you will simultaneously be taken to Paypal. You don’t have to pay your membership fee for 2021, but you can make an optional donation. We will receive your form when you are taken to the Paypal page.

    The current membership year ends in April 2022.


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