Free Audio Books

At KCIMESG, we realise that reading books can be difficult for people who have ME. Some people are housebound because of their ME. Being able to escape into the world of a book can make living with ME a more positive experience.

Listening Books is a charity offering free membership to people who have ME. Free membership means free access to their entire catalogue of audio books, which are available on CD, and as downloadable MP3s. Below is some information provided by Listening Books.

We are a national charity that provides a postal and online audiobook library service
to children and adults who struggle to read or hold a book due to an
illness, disability, mental health issue or learning difficulty. We have
recently received funding to offer a number of free individual memberships
to people in West Yorkshire who would find our usual membership fees
(ranging from £20 to £45 per year) a barrier to joining the service.

As you may know audiobooks are a fantastic option for those who struggle to
hold a book or turn its pages, or find it difficult to concentrate for
prolonged periods due to the physical and mental fatigue caused by CFS and

Send Listening Books an email if you wish to take advantage of their free membership offer.