Contact and Connect


We have two Facebook pages. The KCIMESG FB page is a ‘Closed Group’.
People from Kirklees and Calderdale who have ME can mix with other local ME patients online, ask for or share advice/ articles about ME.
It also features information about KIMESG Coffee Meetings & events plus local events that might be of interest to members.
Join our Facebook group.


We have a second Facebook group aimed at partners and organisations which want to keep in touch with us. This is a public group. Like our supporters page.


We’re on Twitter. We use Twitter to inform our members of upcoming events. Follow us on Twitter.


One of our members, Debbie Sparks, offers one-to-one telephone support to any M.E. Sufferer who wishes to discuss aspects of coping with life and the illness. Like all our volunteers, Debbie has M.E., so if you would like to talk to her TEXT her on 0791 434 1279. She will then phone you back when she is able to do so.