AGM 2018

Central Library Halifax, 1pm – 3pm

Present: Wayne, Christine, Jane, Patricia, Fiona, Dave, Denise (Chair) Hilary
1. APOLOGIES : Maggie, Amanda K, Meg, Alan, Dylan

2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM on 16 June 2017 – these were read and accepted as a true record ( Proposed: Hilary , Seconded :Denise )

3. MATTERS ARISING – membership year changes dealt with under item 6. No other matters arising.

• Treasurer – Alan has had to resign due to poor health in the spring. Hilary has been Acting Treasurer since then but has been unable to produce a full Treasurer’s report until she has access to all the relevant papers and the AGM elects a new Treasurer. The current balance is approximately £3,000 which includes £1000 grant from Disability Sport in Yorkshire. A substantial portion of this will be needed to pay expenses for the currently running Qigong course.
Concern was expressed at the low tuition fee being paid for the Qigong tutor (£15 per hour) and it was explained that this is the maximum hourly rate permitted by the rules of the grant. It was agreed that we should give Disability Sports in Yorkshire feedback about the unfairness of this rule given that we are employing a skilled professional. Many thanks to Hilary for stepping in to this role.
• Committee see attached report. A request was made for a further course of Qigong as this has been very successful. This will be considered depending on the availability of a tutor and a volunteer to help at each session.
• Campaign sub group – see attached report. Jane asked if other representatives from KCIMESG can attend meetings with the CCGs and Healthwatch. It was explained that Wayne acts as a representative of the committee and consults with them about his feedback to the CCG and Healthwatch. Dylan has attended one meeting with Wayne but is currently focusing on campaigning re NICE guidelines. There was some discussion about the changes the CCG had made to the group’s proposed information sheet to be circulated to GP’s and patients. Wayne will feed back these observations to the CCG.

• Data protection & changes to the constitution – see attached report.
It was agreed to accept the proposed changes to the constitution i.e. non-Kirklees and Calderdale residents can joing the group but the group will not provide services and events outside Kirklees and Calderdale. Wayne will amend the constitution.


• Treasurer : Hilary was elected ( Proposer : Christine, Seconder :Denise ) Our current ( and long standing ) auditor is Don Bickerton and , as he is Hilary’s husband sadly he cannot continue in this role due to a potential conflict of interest. Hilary is hopeful of finding another qualified auditor. Many thanks to Don for his support and help over many years.
• Secretary Christine was re-elected ( Proposed : Hilary, Seconded : Denise )
• Chair Denise was re-elected ( Proposed : Hilary, Seconded : Christine )
• Contact Person – vacant
• Facebook Group co-ordinator – Fiona re-elected ( Proposed : Hilary, Seconded : Christine )
• Website /Press Liaison /Data Protection Officer – Wayne re-elected ( Proposed : Hilary, Seconded : Christine )
• Newsletter Editor : Vacant
• Membership Secretary : Dave re-elected ( Proposed : Hilary, Seconded : Christine )
• Campaigns Officer Wayne re-elected. ( Proposed : Hilary, Seconded : Christine )
• Other committee members elected – Meg and Dylan.

• The membership year now runs from April – April. The fee was reduced to £5 for the current financial year.
• In the changing of the person responsible for dealing with the KCIMESG email account, an up-to-date membership list had dropped off the radar .This created a lot of confusion and work for the Membership Secretary – apologies for this and the process for notifying the Membership Secretary and Secretary about new members /renewals has now been clarified. Chris to post on the Facebook group about the benefits of being a member.
7. AOB
• A summer picnic to be held at the Piece Hall, Halifax – suggested date Thursday 23 August
• Patricia offered to speak about Buteyko Method to the group. Someone from the committee will liaise with her about organising this.
Christine Parton ,Minutes Secretary. July 8, 2018