Who does what?

Here you will find the names of people who have roles in KCIMESG, and information about the work they do. All of the people mentioned here are volunteers, who give up their free time to carry out their roles. Some of them volunteer even though they have ME. They are determined not to let the condition stop them.

Committee Members

Denise Howeth is our chair. She responds to emails and edits the newsletter. Denise also puts our surveys together.

Christine Parton is our secretary. She distributes the newsletter, organises Management Committee meetings, and occasionally hosts coffee meetings. Christine Parton is the safeguarding officer.

Hilary Bickerton is our treasurer.

Wayne Senior edits the website. He is also a campaigns officer and the data officer.

Fiona Livings hosts afternoon coffee meetings, and runs our Facebook and Twitter pages.

David Livings is our membership secretary.

Dylan Murphy is a campaigns officer. He has read and researched extensively on ME and ME policy.