Annual Report 2016

AGM 14 June 2016
Annual Report from the Committee
1. We have had two family fun events at Northfield Hall play centre with the aim of supporting parents with ME, a group who find it difficult to attend our usual meetings. The first one in August was well attended with several parents new to the group along with their children. The second event in October was less well attended but those who came had a good time. We hope to arrange another family event in Calderdale in the school holidays.

2. Sally Edwards came again this year to talk about Mindfulness and Meditation in February. Meg, one of our members who have attended one of Sally’s courses also contributed with her experiences of how meditation and mindfulness has helped her manage her ME.

3. Wayne organised a survey about member’s experiences of ME and support services. The responses will be available shortly

4. ME Awareness Day was commemorated by having an information stall in Kingsgate Shopping Centre to help raise awareness of ME and its impact on sufferers. We had a good response – several members of the public stopped by to ask for information about the group. It was a salutary experience to find such numbers of sufferers in a random sample. We plan to do a similar event in Halifax town centre and at the University of Huddersfield’s Fresher Week.

5. Coffee mornings (in Halifax) and afternoons in (Huddersfield) every month continue to be popular and are generally well attended .We had the Festive lunch in January in Huddersfield and a Christmas Dinner (gluten free!) in Halifax.

6. Thank you to all the members of the committee who have worked hard this year – Patricia who has taken over the role of producing our bi monthly newsletter , Coffee meeting hosts, Fiona and Hilary, Debbie, our telephone contact person, Dave , our new membership secretary , Alan , Treasurer /email contact and Wayne- our IT expert/ speaker organiser, Fiona and Patricia also put a lot of work into supporting the Facebook group and Christine, Secretary

7. Membership has declined from 37 in 2015 to 30 but we do have 70 people who have joined the Facebook group most of whom are not paid up members of KIMESG but locals with ME. The membership fee has remained the same at £7.50