AGM 2016

KCIMESG AGM 14 June 2016
Angel’s Rest Café Halifax , 12pm- 1.30pm

Present Chris P, Wayne S , Patricia S , Hilary B
1. APPOLOGIES Alan R, Jane S , Jacky D, Angela H, Karen , Fiona and Dave L, Maggie R
2. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM on 12 MAY 2015 – read and agreed
3. MATTERS ARISING Another family event is being planned in Calderdale at the Play Palace in school holidays. Action Chris to get feedback re this proposal via Facebook/members
• Treasurer Alan send a provisional report – there is a balance of £2,641.79p. This was accepted subject to approval by the auditor. The final report can then be approved at a later General Meeting. A suggestion was made that some money could be used to subsidise the xmas meal.
• Committee – please see attached report
• Treasurer Alan R
• Secretary Chris P
• Chair No nomination – Chris to re advertise with VAK and CVA
• Contact Person Debbie S
• Facebook Group co-ordinator Fiona L
• Website/speaker organiser. Wayne S
• Newsletter Editor Patricia S
• Membership Secretary Dave L
• Coffee meeting hosts – Hilary, Fiona and Chris

6. Reaching out to the severely affected –e.g. resources library , teleconferencing
• Hilary explained the group’s past experience of a library was that demand was extremely low i.e. 2 requests a year and there was a perennial difficulty in getting items returned. The library was run for several years (initially by post or personal contact followed by being hosted by The Nerve Centre. It was disbanded as, despite a huge investment of time, was not felt to be meeting member’s needs. She suggested we look to on –line solutions.
• Chris pointed out that Fiona (and others) post lots of links and references about current research/reports on the Facebook group.
• We discussed several options to make this more accessible and have a some sort of data base. Some suggestions made were such as a Research/Book section in the newsletter, our own You Tube Channel , record an audio report of a document/book on Facebook Action Committee to consider options
• Wayne suggested researching the possibility of an audio transcript of the newsletter (Action Chris to contact Kirklees Transcription Service for more information )
• Teleconferencing- Wayne has researched 2 providers B Buzz Conferencing and Speak Serve – both are via telephone and have decent reviews esp. Buzz conferencing. Patricia recommended Zoom which communicates via email. Action Wayne and Patricia to do further research about Zoom’s services. Chris to seek feedback from Facebook group and members re needs of the serverely affected.
7. Membership Fee No change as this is currently covering newsletter and other expenses.
8. AOB Members experiences of ESA ? – Chris to ask for feedback via newsletter and Facebook page
Christine Parton
Minutes Secretary

14 June 2016